Ankara by night

    Ankara by night

    • 01.03.11
    Ahmed The Birdman

    Ahmed The Birdman

    • 09.05.10


    • 09.05.10


    Loneliness, a poison coursing
    In my veins, ghastly, corrupting
    My mind, my soul, my sanity
    A lover with a thorny glove, caressing

    Night is the dark castle of
    My mind ever painful, ever bloody
    Insanity is an asylum, secure in my
    Paradoxically perplexed stare.

    Major Tom where are you now
    Wave us from the Cygnus committee
    Pink moccasins of space suit and
    Crystal spires of your space helmet

    Knife dances on my skin
    Rivers of ruby flows to south
    Traces a Nile to stone floor
    Lakes of hemoglobin, tears of a dragon

    Behold o stranger, this is the fabled
    Xanadu where the Kublai Khan
    Dwells and magical creatures of
    Golden crowned insanity flies

    Godot where are you? In this
    Age of stupid, our patience
    Ever grows thinner like an icecube
    Caught in the global warming

    Done. Done away all weaknesses
    My god deems as impurity
    From my eyes which see nothing
    To my heart, cease thy primal drumming

    Death is a friend, death is a release
    From this gaol we call as life
    A cure to this terminal illness
    A finality where all is lived is erased,

    • 09.05.10

    Insane times

    Remnant of a mortal coil, I
    Once a proud cathedral now
    A vestige of a desecrated glory, a
    Dream turned insane gibbering

    Holy crusades of my reason
    Lie broken before the castle of insanity
    My soul resides and defends
    Vile clutches and manacles of cast iron

    Urizen, ye fool, ye old crook
    Still you quiver and shake
    B’ fore the lady Titania and her cohorts
    Core of thy antithesis

    The silence of a bondage queen
    Hiding beneath a mask of leather darkness
    Sweet screams of delight and pain
    Apothesis of a drama, pure wantonness

    • 08.30.10

    Doggy style (Bigger badder meaner)

    • 08.30.10

    Poetry of sorts

    Defer to the mighty Google
    Bow down before the might of Wikipedia
    Kneel to the altar of Twitter
    Temples and arenas of cyberspace

    Close thy eyes and see
    The darkness of Coca Cola
    Lost in the color of Xeryus red
    Encoded in Technicolor dreams

    The dreams of bright neon
    Patented with inception
    Even soul has a meaning
    21 grams of earthly weights

    O lover, love me like the Matrix
    Hug me eyes wide shut
    Kiss me so I may feel
    The eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

    Marinated in the sauce of gossip
    Girl who has nothing to say
    Xoxo and roast me till true
    Blood burns in my veins

    • 08.29.10
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    Truer words never spoken indeed…

    Truer words never spoken indeed…

    • 08.28.10
    Neighborhood Shots

    Neighborhood Shots

    • 08.10.10
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    Zapatista Coffee

    Zapatista Coffee

    • 08.10.10